CE42 - Capteurs, instrumentation

metrology of magnetization dynamic and chirality in thin films – MEDYNA

Submission summary

Magnetization dynamics at the electronic time scale (femtosecond and picosecond) remains a field of intense research twenty years after the first groundbreaking studies. Efforts to understand and control these dynamics is sustained not only by fundamental interest, but also by technological applications: major companies such as Seagate are investing massively in R&D for developing data storage devices based on magneto-optical effects and technologies based on ultrafast lasers in order to speed current technologies at GHz. In this context, developing metrology able to access the spin structure in magnetic materials with sub-nanometer spatial resolution at GHz frequencies is of paramount strategic importance.

Project coordination

Nicolas Jaouen (Synchrotron SOLEIL)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


LCPMR Laboratoire de Chimie Physique - Matière et Rayonnement
IPCMS Institut de physique et chimie des matériaux de Strasbourg (UMR 7504)
SIMaP Sciences et Ingénierie, Matériaux, Procédés
UMPhy Unité mixte de physique CNRS/Thalès

Help of the ANR 473,455 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: December 2020 - 42 Months

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