Pre-announcement: JST/ANR joint call based on CREST program

For the year 2020, the ANR and JST renewed their collaboration agreement in scientific research based on CREST program. A joint call will be open as regards the two following Priority Areas in the frame of the JST-CREST program:

[Nanomechanics] Elucidation of macroscale mechanical properties based on understanding nanoscale dynamics for innovative mechanical materials

[Mathematical Information Platform] Creating information utilization platform by integrating mathematical and information sciences, and development to society

The proposals should be led by a Japanese PI and a French PI and will be evaluated via a peer-review procedure by JST and ANR.

The call is open to public and private partners*.

The average ANR funding will be around 500 k€ per project depending on the number of partners and the ambition of the project, for a 5-year duration.

Please note that the publication of the call by the ANR and by the JST follow a different schedule. On ANR side, the call opening is planned early February 2020 and the deadline for submission is early May 2020.

* the French consortium must consist of at least one public law entity carrying out research and/or teaching activities or one private law entity carrying out research and teaching activities, with an establishment or branch in France.

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