Human resources policy

To help to manage the evolutions associated with the diversification of its activities and anticipate future changes, the French National Research Agency (ANR) has a policy of developing the skills and careers of its staff and has introduced jobs and skills planning programme. Keen to guarantee quality of life in the workplace, the Agency also runs health and safety and improvement activities.

Stabilising and strengthening internal skills and developing careers

Since it was founded in 2005, the ANR has seen the development of a variety of roles, skills and areas of expertise. Within this framework, the Agency is committed to:

  • Capitalising on experience and specific skills in research administration;
  • Strengthening the Agency's efficiency and standardising its practices by stabilising its in-house skills;
  • Developing the careers of its staff.

In order to guarantee the development of its employees' skills, the ANR offers several professional training courses organised through annual training plans.

To offer all employees a rich career with prospects for development, the Agency also encourages mobility, both internal and external. For the ANR, the experience acquired in different roles and the diversity of different career paths are enriching for both the staff and the Agency itself. 

Finally, the ANR signed a jobs and skills planning agreement in 2018 to prepare and support employees through evolutions in their roles due to a shifting environment.

Quality of life in the workplace, a programme at the heart of the Agency's HR policy

For several years, the Agency has also been engaged in a program focusing on quality of life in the workplace. Several measures have been put in place, including an agreement on teleworking and a social support service, as part of a health and safety and improvement plan developed in consultation with staff representatives. These actions contribute to good working conditions and the smooth operation of the Agency.

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