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Mots-clés : Bio statistiques ; capteurs; changement climatique; contraintes abiotiques; contraintes biotiques; FACE; génétique d’association; Phénotypage; système d’information


PHENOME-EMPHASIS is a versatile infrastructure that characterises hundreds of genotypes of different plant species for genetic analyses under diverse environmental scenarios of climate change and agro-ecology (drought, high CO2, high temperatures, diseases, mixed crops). The infrastructure includes (i) four installations in controlled conditions; (ii) two field installations with large rainout shelters and a free-air carbon enrichment (FACE) system; (iii) three field installations equipped with high throughput sensors and vectors. All installations can handle hundreds of genotypes, manipulate and/or control environmental conditions, and are equipped with imaging analysis pipelines. (iv) two installations provide access to additional tools and methods for characterising high throughput, targeted biochemical phenomics. They are accessible to public and private users via a transparent process. Methodological projects (i) improve trait measurements in particular for biotic interactions (agroecology) using AI and models. Algorithms for outdoor analyses are encapsulated into an open software, 4P; (ii) Organise phenotypic data allowing their FAIR usage by a wide scientific community. A specific information system (PHIS) is developed and deployed in French and European installations. PHENOME-EMPHASIS relies on and facilitates the development of technology-provider SMEs for phenotyping and precision agriculture. Networking and training target academic groups, seed companies, SMEs and extension services. PHENOME-EMPHASIS also accompanies the expansion of phenotyping tools and methods towards 2nd and 3rd circles of users (row crops communities and a wide range of experimental stations of partners) through the PEPR-supported AgroEcoPhen project. PHENOME-EMPHASIS leaders coordinate and are WP leaders in a Horizon Europe INFRA-TECH (PHENET) and are WP leads in the implementation phase for an ESFRI infrastructure (EMPHASIS)


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Informations générales

Acronyme projet : PHENOME
Référence projet : 11-INBS-0012
Région du projet : Occitanie
Discipline : 4 - Agro Eco
Aide PIA : 29 006 172 €
Début projet : août 2012
Fin projet : décembre 2024

Coordinateur du projet : Bertrand MULLER
Email :

Consortium du projet

Etablissement coordinateur : INRA Montpellier
Partenaire(s) : INRA Dijon, INRA Saint Genes Champanelle, Arvalis Institut du Vegetal, INRA Toulouse, TERRES INOVIA, INRA Nouvelle-Aquitaine-Bordeaux, INRA Nantes, INRA PACA, INRA Versailles-Grignon

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