What is Governed in Cities: Residential Investment Landscapes and the Governance and Regulation of Housing Production – WHIG

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This proposal draws on a precise comparative, inter-disciplinary methodology to examine the inter-relationships between contemporary investment flows into the housing markets of major metropolitan centres and the governance arrangements and public policy instruments that are designed to regulate them. Our case studies are the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area, Greater London, Grand Paris, and Greater Tokyo. The proposal is timely as major cities have been faced with unprecedented development pressures as their populations and economies have expanded and their built environments have become highly attractive locations for global investment. These pressures have been particularly acute in the production and consumption of housing, where the impacts of investments on markets, citizens, and places are generating a widely perceived crisis and set of governmental challenges to produce affordable housing. The proposal draws on two streams of analysis: investment landscapes and regulatory/governance landscapes to examine, both systematically and comparatively, the types of investment that are shaping housing production and the public policy instruments that are in place to regulate them and their impacts. The research meets an increasingly urgent need to develop better understandings of the complex relationships between market functionalities, urban politics, planning and governance arrangements in a context of escalating political tensions between different socio-economic groups.

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