Open Science: cOAlition S is conducting a survey to assess the impact of Plan S on scientific publishing practices

cOAlition S, a European Initiative involving 27 partners, including the French National Research Agency (ANR), and aiming to accelerate the transition to full and immediate open access to scientific publications, is conducting a survey among the entire research community. The objective is to get a better sense of how Plan S impacts their publishing practices, experiences, and career progression.

Launched in 2018 by cOAlition S, Plan S is structured around ten principles to accelerate the transition to full and immediate open access to peer-reviewed scientific publications resulting from research efforts funded by public or private funds. Through this survey, cOAlition S is seeking feedback from the research community when publishing according to Plan S principles. The analysis of anonymous data will identify the extent to which cOAlition S can support scientific communities in their publishing practices, in compliance with Plan S.

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Plan S Implementation at the ANR

Since 2013, the ANR has adopted an Open Science policy and joined cOAlition S upon its creation in 2018. The Agency supports and implements Plan S principles for all its calls for proposals since the 2022 Work Programme.

In fact, the coordinators and partners of ANR-funded projects undertake, from 2022 onwards, to provide in open access any scientific publication resulting from a project using a CC-BY Creative Commons license or equivalent, through one of the following publication channels:

  • Publication in a natively open access journal,
  • Publication in a subscription journal that is part of a transformative agreement or transformative journal,
  • Publication in a subscription journal implementing the Rights Retention Strategy (RRS), according to the terms specified in the special conditions of the funding decision or agreement.

They also undertake to submit the full text (version approved for publication or editor’s version) in the national Open archive HAL, no later than the time of publication, and to mention the ANR reference of the research project from which they result.

For more information:

The ANR’s Open Science Policy

The ten principles of Plan S

The Rights Retention Strategy

HAL-ANR Portal

Last updated on 22 June 2022
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