Launch of a new programme to support European or International Scientific Networks (SRSEI)

The French National Research Agency (ANR) is launching a new programme, in addition to the "Setting up European or International Scientific Networks" MRSEI programme, the SRSEI programme, to support the application, to a European or international call for proposals, of research networks already implemented and coordinated by a French partner. The coordinator of a project selected in the first stage of such a call can apply for SRSEI funding to further their application to improve their chances of success in the second stage. The programme is open continuously throughout 2022.

This new programme is part of the implementation of the "National action plan to improve French participation in the European research and innovation funding schemes" (PAPFE) and, more generally, aims to strengthen French participation and increase France's success rate in large-scale European and international calls.

Who can apply to the SRSEI programme?

The SRSEI programme is open to all scientific fields and all research areas. It was specifically designed for coordinators working in a French public laboratory who submitted a project to a European or international call divided in two stages, and are then invited to proceed to the second stage of the call. The project submitted must not be the subject of another ANR funding, in particular through the MRSEI programme.

Project coordinators who are currently setting up a European or international call network, but have not yet submitted their project for the first stage of a two-stage call, are invited to respond to the MRSEI calls. One-stage calls, and other calls such as ERA-NETs or JPIs involving the ANR, are not covered in the SRSEI programme (see the programme text).

Which actions can be funded?

SRSEI provides funding for business meetings between the members of the scientific network to discuss and draft the detailed project to be submitted in the second stage of the European or international call. It can also fund a service up to €10.000, so as to improve this application file.

A €17.000 grant is allocated, for 12 months maximum, to the French partner coordinating both the SRSEI and the European/international project.

When can you submit a proposal?

Proposal submissions for the SRSEI programme can be made all year long via the submission site indicated on the programme page. However, applications must be submitted within 15 calendar days following the results of stage 1 of the European or international call for which they required SRSEI funding.

Once the submission is made in accordance with the procedures provided for in the programme document, the coordinator must indicate by email to srsei(at) their wish to be include in the selection process.

In addition, the ANR has taken action to speed up the application selection and funding allocation, namely:

  • A simplified application file,
  • A simplified selection process based on European or international funding agency
  • Providing prompt feedback to applicants.

Read the SRSEI 2022 programme document

For more information:

Call for proposals: "Setting up European or International Scientific Networks (MRSEI) ", Edition 2022

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Last updated on 18 May 2022
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