Global Summit on Diamond Open Access, 23 to 27 October 2023

To bring together the international Diamond Open Access community and foster collaboration, several institutions and initiatives committed to Open Science are co-hosting a global summit from 23 to 27 October 2023 in Mexico and online. Registration is open.

The Diamond Open Access (OA) is a scholarly publishing model in which journals and platforms do not charge neither authors nor readers. It consists of a set of journals and platforms1 run by and intended for scientifically, disciplinarily and linguistically diverse scientific communities. This model is currently facing several challenges related to the quality standards, the visibility, or the sustainability of the journals and platforms, as described in the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access, which calls for dialogue between the various stakeholders.

Coordinating actions to support an equitable scholarly publishing model

In this context, Redalyc, UAEMex, AmeliCA, UNESCO, CLACSO, UOR, as well as the ANR, Coalition S, OPERAS and Science Europe, as the authors of the Diamond Action Plan, are co-hosting a global summit during Open Access Week 2023 in Toluca, Mexico, and online. This summit will bring together various international stakeholders: journal publishers, institutions and research organisations, scientists, funding agencies, academic libraries, learned societies and policy-makers. It aims to bring the Diamond OA community in a dialogue that seeks to implement collective action towards an open access model based on equity, quality, usability and sustainability, in line with UNESCO’s recommendations on Open Science and recent initiatives such as the Budapest Open Access Initiative.

This first global summit on Diamond Access will focus on two key areas:

  • The 4th Redalyc Journal Editors International Conference, from 23 to 25 October 2023, as part of the infrastructure’s 20th anniversary. Redalyc is a network of non-commercial academy-owned Open Access scholarly and scientific journals, originally from Latin America and now the whole world2. This conference will also welcome the 2nd Meeting of AmeliCA Members on 25 October, an initiative led by Redalyc, CLACSO and UNESCO, to strengthen the cooperation to support, recognise and sustain Open Access.
  • The 2nd Diamond Open Access Conference will be held from 25 to 26 October 2023 and will bring together the organisations and individuals who endorsed the Action Plan for Diamond Open Access. Discussions will focus more specifically on the elaboration of policies aiming to strengthen the Diamond OA, the governance, the research evaluation and recognition of the Diamond OA, as well as the sustainability of this model.

See the programme of the 2nd Diamond Open Access Conference

Nine main themes, common to both conferences, will be the focus of the discussions:

Registration to this multilingual event is open.

To register:


L’ANR engagée pour la science ouverte et la bibliodiversité

L’ANR a initié une politique en faveur de la science ouverte dès 2013, inscrite aujourd’hui dans le cadre des Plans Nationaux pour la Science Ouverte de 2018 et 2021. Elle se décline autour de 3 axes : favoriser l’accès ouvert complet et immédiat aux publications scientifiques ; favoriser l’accès aux données issues de la recherche ainsi que leur partage ; et développer une approche concertée de la science ouverte à l’échelle française et internationale.

A ce titre, l’ANR est impliquée dans plusieurs initiatives internationales au sein desquelles elle porte la position française en faveur de la science ouverte et de la bibliodiversité. Elle est membre de la cOAlition S qui regroupe des organismes de financement pour accélérer la transition vers un accès complet et immédiat aux publications scientifiques et soutient le Plan S. Elle est également à l’initiative, aux côtés la cOAlition S, de Science Europe et d’OPERAS, du plan d’action pour l’accès ouvert Diamant lancé en mars 2022 afin de soutenir et déployer un modèle d’édition en accès ouvert équitable et pérenne, géré par la communauté scientifique. C’est dans ce cadre qu’elle coorganise ce sommet mondial.

L’engagement de l’ANR en faveur de la science ouverte (copie 2)

For more information:

Global Summit on Diamond Open Access website

Publication of an Action Plan for Diamond Open Access

1 The number of diamond journals is estimated at 17.000 to 29.000, according to “The OA Diamond Journal Study”.
2 Redalyc is a Scientific Information System supported by the Autonomous University of the State of Mexico. Today, it has more than 1.500 diamond open access journals, from 31 countries worldwide.

Last updated on 04 October 2023
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