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The outer membrane of corynebacterineae bacteria: Proteomic characterization and protein secretion – Mycomembrane

Submission summary

Mycobacteriumm and Corynebacterium are Gram-positive bacteria characterized by the presence of mycolic acids in their cell wall. These long hydroxylated fatty acids form a hydrophobic barrier (the mycomembrane) functionnally similar to the LPS-outer membrane of Gram-negative bacteria. This structure largely contribute to molecule and information transfer across the envelope. It is thus essential for bacterial adaptation to the environnement and for interaction with host cells. To date, this structure has never been purified and its protein composition is still unknown. The objective of the present research proposal is to characterize this structure by a proteomic and genetic approach. Thanks to the recent characterization (by partners 2 and 4) of mutants involved in key steps of acid mycolic biosynthesis, we propose an original approach using sharp biochemical techniques (partner 1 and 3). The unique association of these expertises is a major asset for this project. The expected results are the identification of several new families of proteins in Mycobacterium and Corynebacterium including specific protein translocators. These transport systems are of great importance for understanding cell envelope traffic and cell adaptation to its environment and may also lead to the identification of new drug targets. Another important objective of this work is the determination of the structure of porins which are predicted to be different from those of all known membrane proteins as exemplified by the mycobacterial porin MspA which is still the unique known protein structure of the mycomembrane.

Project coordination

Nicolas Bayan (Université)

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Help of the ANR 300,000 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 36 Months

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