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Development of an ocular mouse+keyboard system – EYE PILOT

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The "EYE PILOT" project is currently developing technology based on the eye movements to act as an interface between machines and humans. This technology allows mobility restricted people to control a computer through eye movement. While there is existing technology for this purpose, the EYE PILOT offers distinct advantages. First and most importantly, the technology does not use Infra Red light illumination, which can cause long-term damage after a long exposition. Therefore, the EYE PILOT can be uses regularly for long periods of time without damaging side-effects or consequences. Secondly, large head movements are accepted by the system without any problems. In other words, EYE PILOT adapts to any kind of personal physiognomy or movement dynamic. Finally, this technology is significantly less expensive than existing products. The projected price range will be around one third of the lower current price in the market.

Currently, the project is in the development stage. With the collaboration of the Hospital of Caen and the University of Caen, STARNAV is considering the medical aspect of the clientele in order to enhance the existing system to better fit with the needs of the end users. In order to reach this objective, the project will consist of various steps. First, the specification of the future system, including all medical constraints needs to be documented. Enhancement of models, algorithms, robustness and efficiency will then be treated. The second and major task of this project is to validate the operations of the system through clinical testing. With the help of special needs volunteers, the identification, correction and adaptation of specific problems will ensure that the product is adapted, effective, and can be used by people with various types of disabilities. The final goal is to create one system that meets the needs of 90% of the clientele.
The EYE PILOT technology will significantly enhance the communication capacity, the autonomy, and ultimately the lives of the special needs population.

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