CE49 - Planétologie, structure et histoire de la Terre

The Cr and Ni isotopic compositions of the bulk silicate Earth: implications for accretion and differentiation processes – ISOMELT

Submission summary

Delineating the chemical evolution of the Earth is fundamental to understanding planetary history. Metal-silicate segregation plays a major role in planetary differentiation but the conditions during core formation are still highly debated. Our understanding of the Earth differentiation processes is hindered by the poor determination of the bulk silicate Earth composition mainly due to its heterogeneous nature. This research project will develop a new way to interrogate the formation of planetary reservoirs via the study of non-conventional stable isotope. Two parameters are critical to determine: (1) the isotopic fractionation occurring during metal-silicate segregation and (2) the elemental and isotopic compositions of the bulk silicate Earth. I propose to study the Cr and Ni isotopic compositions in high-temperature and pressure experiments and in terrestrial samples. ISOMELT will contribute to the long-standing debate of the Earth’s accretion, differentiation and evolution.

Project coordination

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Help of the ANR 272,160 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: January 2022 - 48 Months

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