CE41 - Inégalités, discriminations, migrations

Religions, Lineages & Race – RelRace

Submission summary

The birth of the notion of “race” in early modern Europe has long been thought to be closely linked with the development of
scientific thought and practices. The conflicts that pitted science against religion have first crystallised on the question of the origins
of mankind, and before scientific monogenism appeared in the 18th century, those tensions mainly opposed the advocates of
polygenism and those who believed in the Genesis narrative. Yet religions have long been thinking along racial lines, as the recent
historiography of South America has shown, underlining some persistence with late Medieval Spain – the idea, for instance, that
baptismal water cannot erase the stain of original sin in a convert’s blood. This might lead us to wonder how religious narratives
especially when they aim at creating genealogies can potentially be racialised.

Project coordinator

Monsieur Vincent VILMAIN (TEMOS)

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