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Developing Serial X-ray Crystallography Methods for Hybrid Energy Systems – Serial-X-Energy

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Developing Serial X-ray Crystallography Methods for Hybrid Energy Systems

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) and PolyOxoMetalates (POMs) are crystalline materials at the forefront in the design of novel energy storage and conversion systems. The functionalities of MOFs and POMs can be rationally designed provided that a detailed knowledge of their crystal structures exists. However, the physical size of the crystal grains of MOFs and POMs often prevents the unambiguous determination of their crystal structures using X-ray powder or electron diffraction methods. Synchrotron Serial Crystallography techniques can be easily adapted to such crystalline systems – not to avoid X-ray radiation damage, but rather to handle more effortlessly minute crystals or to perform in situ and time-resolved studies. In the Serial-X-Energy project, we aim to develop serial crystallography methods specifically for micro- and nano-crystalline systems of MOF and POM hybrid solids.

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ILV Institut Lavoisier de Versailles
IMAP Institut des MAtériaux poreux de Paris

Help of the ANR 301,782 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: December 2019 - 42 Months

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