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IN-Situ Investigation of Dynamic interfaces under Extreme tribological conditions – IN-SIDE

Submission summary

The ever increasing demands in terms of performance have led mechanical systems and moving components to work under extreme contact conditions, intense contact pressures (>2 GPa) and/or relative sliding velocities (>2 m/s) and/or low or elevated temperatures (-200<T<1000°C). Whereas many applications are concerned (metalworking and manufacturing processes, energy, transports…), a knowlegde gap definitely exists regarding the phenomena occurring under such severe conditions. Inadequately controling friction, wear and properties of the generated surfaces working under those conditions can drastically affect the performance of the mentioned system but most of all impair the final in-use properties and lifetime of the manufactured component.<br />Optimising these components/processes requires a deep understanding of the specific tribological phenomena occurring under such conditions. The development of advanced experimental methods able to simulate them and provide relevant, original and real-time in-situ data from "inside" the studied interface itself is essential.
The IN-SIDE project aims first at providing a new insight into the tribological phenomena occurring under a large spectrum of extreme contact conditions by developing a unique experimental set-up fitted with an innovative real-time in-situ instrumentation. Several advanced complementary techniques such as high speed imaging, temperature measurements by pyrometry, ultrasonic scanning system are implemented on a high speed sclerometer. The latter is also specifically adapted to control the specimens’ initial temperature as well as the ability to run them under controlled atmosphere.
Secondly, this device will be used at two different levels (i) to reach a better understanding of the physical mechanisms governing friction, wear and sub-surface modifications with metallic materials and (ii) to generate tribological data for three potential applications.

Project coordination

Cédric Courbon (Laboratoire de tribologie et dynamique des systèmes)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


LTDS Laboratoire de tribologie et dynamique des systèmes

Help of the ANR 272,548 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 48 Months

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