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application project for "indoor" monitoring of Alzheimer patients – HOMECARE

Submission summary

Maintaining at home of the elderlu, the disabled or convalescent people is a national priority dictated by the progresses in medicine, the population ageing and the evidence of a better efficiency of medications when the patient is in a personnal environment more usual and more reassuring. It is to notice that this option is also conform for mastering the healthcare expenses, within an integrative organisation « from the Hospital to home »…
Numerous efforts, in France and in the world, have been devoted, these last twenty years, for giving this objective credible and accessible : development of telecommunications and telemedicine systems, perfecting innovative sensors and autonomous and portable instrumentations, experimentations of supervision systems like « PROSAFE » that constitute the technical basis of the project: « HOMECARE ». So, all the experts are agree to say the technologies for monitoring are matures and the applications very near of
expanding if an offer answering the expectations of the users is proposed to the market, estimated at 4 billions of Euros a year.
Starting from these conclusions, HOMECARE aims the conception until the validation, in an operationnal site, of a complete « indoor » supervision system for patients suffering from Alzheimer disease: This system designed in the continuation of the « PROSAFE » démonstrator will integrate new on line identification fonctionnalities of people present on the site and completed functions on the multisensorial data fusion, the alarm diagnosis, the medical and other interfaces... Keep in mind that the HOMECARE concept is based on an original approach, already experimentally validated: that is to say, the danger detection via the « measure of distance » between the data coming from a historical learning model of the patient's habits and the real time data taken on his running behaviour. This approach is integrated in a system architecture composed of localisation sensors, identification sensors, data fusion in embedded
algorithms, on line modelling, diagnosis and other system-users interfaces…
The work programme associates all the competences needed to go from the improvement of reuse through research/development actions until the integration of a complete system answering the users expectations and later on, to an operationnal site validation: this work programme must be concluded by the constitution of a « valorization file » and the launching of an industrial transfer procedure.

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