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Towards a cropping system based on a combination of new biocontrol solutions to control the carrot cyst nematode – ECLODERA

Submission summary

The ECLODERA project is an answer to the theme “Development of alternatives for managing bio-aggressors” for a situation that has become orphaned since the withdrawal of the 1,3-dichloropropene (in 2018). It will allow the maturation (TRL 4 to TRL 6-7) of two complementary solutions to control the carrot cyst nematode Heterodera carotae: the use of molecules from root exudates to induce the hatching of larvae in the absence of the plant (suicide hatching) and the use of a resistant variety as a service plant. The locks that will be addressed relate to i) the identification of the molecules responsible for the hatching, ii) the durability of the solutions, alone and combined, and (iii) their positioning in the farming system, considering potential variations in efficiency due to the composition of the soil microbiota selected by the crop succession.

A non-target metabolomic approach (GC-MS and LC-MS) will first identify the active molecule(s) and then formulate them as a biocontrol product causing the hatching of H. carotae. An experimental evolution approach will evaluate the durability of the two solutions (biocontrol and resistant variety), used alone or in combination. And combined approach of metagenomics and experiments under controlled conditions will investigate the effect of soil microbiota on the effectiveness of the biocontrol solution in order to optimize and test in field trials the positioning of both solutions in the agronomic system.

ECLODERA builds on solid results from previous scientific works that have shown the effectiveness and potential of these solutions to replace the use of chemical nematicide while preserving the environment and health of users. The adoption by carrot producers of these solutions, which are easily integrated into the current system, will be encouraged by regular exchanges with the different players in the sector (dedicated WP).

The consortium brings together a research institute (INRAE-IGEPP), an agro-supply industrial (CMI-Roullier), a seed company (Vilmorin-Mikado) and a technical institute (SILEBAN). By bringing together industrialists with R&D, production and distribution tools with researchers from the academic world and representatives from the sector, this partnership enables rapid dissemination to producers, first recipients and future users of these new solutions.

Project coordination

Josselin Montarry (Institut de Génétique Environnement et Protection des Plantes)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


IGEPP Institut de Génétique Environnement et Protection des Plantes
SILEBAN Société d'Investissement et de développement pour les cultures LEgumières de BAsse-Normandie
CMI-Roullier Agro Innovation International

Help of the ANR 282,743 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: December 2021 - 36 Months

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