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Keywords: aéronautique; ingénierie spatiale; aerospace engineering


The EUR TSAE is based on a strong environment. First of all, Toulouse is the European capital of aeronautics and space (with nearly 100,000 jobs in the Toulouse area). In addition, Toulouse is a major university hub (3 major universities, more than a dozen engineering schools), with many laboratories working wholly or partly for the aerospace sector.


There are four main objectives behind the creation of the EUR TSAE:


- Attracting the best foreign master's students in the framework of a PhD track;


- Increasing the number of PhD engineers in the aerospace industry;


- Increasing international research collaborations;


- Developing the multidisciplinary dimension of aerospace engineering.




EUR TSAE only funds students, through three levers for the 4 main objectives indicated above:


- Outgoing scholarships. These are intended for students in one of the two engineering programs at ENAC and ISAE-SUPAERO for an internship in a foreign research laboratory as part of a PhD track;


- Incoming scholarships. These are intended for foreign students who are aiming for one of the Aeronautics and Space master's degree courses with a documented PhD track project;


- Half doctoral scholarships. They participate in the financing of doctorates in aerospace engineering. That funding is however limited either to interdisciplinary work or to international co-supervision.


This last year of operation led to the awarding of 7 outgoing scholarships and 5 incoming scholarships. Two interdisciplinary PhDs were co-funded by EUR TSAE. There was no international cotutelle PhD thesis this year due to the withdrawal of a candidate.










The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.

General informations

Acronym: TSAE
Reference Number: 17-EURE-0005
Project Region: Occitanie
Discipline: 2 - SMI
PIA investment: 3,669,000 €
Start date: January 2018
End date: January 2028

Project coordinator : Grégoire CASALIS

Consortium du projet

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