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Specific support for research works and innovation for defense: Maturation and Development (ASTRID-Maturation 2020)

The French National Research Agency (ANR), in partnership with the French Defense Innovation Agency (AID) (attached to the defense procurement agency - DGA), has launched the 2019 ASTRID programme "Specific support for defence research works and innovation : Maturation and Development”. The programme is entirely funded by the AID and is implemented by ANR.

ASTRID Maturation is a dedicated programme supporting the development of scientific work carried out in the framework of ASTRID, theses funded by DGA/AID and research projects by engineering schools under DGA/AID supervision. This programme is dual use: applications must serve both civilian and military purposes.

The ASTRID-Maturation programme aims to:

  • anticipate technology demonstrations and pre-industrial work following up on dual-use scientific innovation,
  • boost result’s attractiveness with regard to industry and investors.

The programme, at the borderline between upstream research and technological research, is complementary to RAPID and DGA upstream studies programmes (as far as military applications are concerned) and other civilian supporting programmes.

ASTRID Maturation is open to all types of enterprises. However, in order to promote innovation in SMEs and ITEs, the participation of at least one company in these categories is required per project.

The grant awarded to the projects, whose duration must be between 2 and 3 years, is capped at € 500 k.

We draw your attention to a modification of this call proceedings this year. In an edition, two sessions are now proposed to submit projects.

Planned date of site openingDead line
1st sessionThursday, 1st october 2020Friday, 30th October 2020, 1 PM (Paris time)
2nd sessionMonday, 4th january 2021Friday, 29th October 2021, 1 PM (Paris time)


Intellectual Property (IP): Intellectual property clauses will be applied.

Opening : 2020-05-15 at 10h00 CEST
Application Deadline : 2021-01-29 at 13h00 CET


Questions techniques et scientifiques, administratives et financières
M. Emmanuel Betranhandy, Tél : 01 73 54 83 12
Mme. Florence Lasek

suppléant : isidore.decostaire(at)

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