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Specific call for proposals on "Genocide and mass violence"

The French National Research Agency launches a specific call for proposals on "Genocide and mass violence". It follows the publication in February 2018 of the report on Fact-find mission in France on the research and teaching of genocide and mass crimes, and fits in a global context still marked by this type of collective violence and the memorial of Tutsi genocide in Rwanda. Open to the different disciplines of the Social Sciences and Humanities, this call aims at consolidating the existing research on genocide, to input the production of knowledge about them and to deepen the understanding of mass violence examined in its different aspects (ideological, practical, institutional, behavioural, legal, etc.).

If research proposals exploring genocide from an institutional and collective point of view are expected, this call for proposals also intends to enhance the research concerning its individual dimension, as well on the side of the victims of this violence as on the side of it authors. The call for proposals incorporates several levels of temporalities that include the analysis of genocidal phenomena as such, the preliminary process preceding them, as well as the phases that follow the paroxysmal expression of violence and the memory they produce.

Projects may fall under any fields of SSH and address one of the following topics: Categorization and denomination; Genocidal violence; Individual and collective resistance; Release of violence; Victims, survivors; Memories, identities and heritage; Arts and genocidal representations; Transmissions.

Proposals can be submitted individually or by a research consortium meeting the ANR’s eligibility rules.

Opening : 2019-04-10 at 16:00 CEST
Application Deadline : 2019-05-09 at 12:00 CEST

For any information or guidance, contact the coordination team of the call:

Mme Anna Ardizzoni
Scientific Project Officer

M. Lionel Obadia
Head of the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

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