Funding – 2011

Emotion(s) – Cognition - Behavior (EMCO)

The study of relationships between “emotion (s), cognition and behavior” opens up prospects for both scientific renewed approach to classical questions of how the human mind works and to explore new objects. The aims of this project are:

  • To promote the exploration of the relationship between emotion (s) and cognition in its various dimensions (perception, attention, memory, categorization, thinking and reasoning, interpretation, imagination, decision, choice and control of action and communication), from individual level, interpersonal and collective, natural, pathological or altered in association with the social, cultural and social dimensions as in biological or language;
  • To contribute to the study of fundamental processes of development, learning, aging in relation to emotions and cognition;
  • To address issues of trial activities and decision-making, empathy, cooperation, or trust, beliefs and moral behaviour, modes of recognition of the roles and social status, behavior recognition social, but also dominance and competition.

This call is open to all perspectives, both within human evolution and history of cultures and civilizations or the study of behavior and individual development throughout life, via the approach of behavioral disorders. It will emphasize interdisciplinary approaches and projects that will address the relationship between emotion and cognition. Indeed the nature of this relationship (autonomy, interdependence, or integration of emotion in the cognitive system) is in itself an important research question. The understanding of social and cultural links between emotion and cognition may renew the classic debate between nature/nurture.

Objectives of the calls for proposals

  • The development of basic research, but also work in the field of clinical research, experimental and applied in various disciplines of humanities and social sciences (anthropology, economics, management, history, linguistics, literature, musicology, philosophy, psychology , Sociology, education sciences, political science, information science and communication, theater ...) as well as in cognitive science, life science or science and information technology and communication, the engineering sciences;
  • Collaboration and confrontation between research conducted in these different disciplines;
  • Modeling and consideration of emotions and their relationship to cognition in artificial systems.

The project management will be conducted by a team working in the humanities and social sciences. The association of multidisciplinary teams is strongly recommended.

Major topics

Five major areas of work can be considered: they are not exhaustive and do not exclude further exploration of issues related to "emotion (s), cognition, behavior."

Nature of the relationship between emotion and cognition

  • History and geography classes and lexicon of emotions
  • Types and characteristics of emotions in their relationship with cognition
  • Emotions, values and norms
  • Emotions, cognition and phenomenology
  • Aesthetic emotions
  • Emotions, affective dispositions and other mental states and processes
  • Neurocognitive bases of processes and emotional behaviors

Effects of cognition on emotion

  • Cognitive determinants of emotions
  • Contextual modulation of emotions
  • Emotional regulation
  • Effects of counterfactual thinking on emotion

Effects of emotion on cognition

  • Effect of emotion on perception and attention
  • Effect of emotion on memory and learning
  • Effect of emotion on verbal and nonverbal
  • Effect of emotion on motor and action
  • Effect of emotion on reasoning and decision making
  • Effect of emotion on moral judgments

Social aspects of cognition-emotion relationship

  • Empathy
  • pro-social attitudes
  • Confidence
  • Emotion "self-reflexive" and metacognitive
  • Collective emotions
  • Distribution of social emotions

Numerical modeling

Opening : 2011-01-10 at 11:16 CET
Application Deadline : 2011-03-22 at 13:00 CET

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Technical and scientific questions
Edouard Gentaz
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Administrative and financial questions
Marie Hélène Barroso
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Dr Edouard Gentaz +33 1 78 09 80 86 - edouard.gentaz(at)
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