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Changing societies “Governance-globalization”

The "Changing societies" programme

In an environment marked at the same time by new forms of exchange, of interdependence and of differentiation between cultures, and also by certain forms of globalisation of life styles and of thought, the study of societies and of cultures in their transformations and in their permanence is particularly relevant. Understanding the phenomena at stake, whether they concern political, social, economic or cultural aspects, requires an appreciation of the historical perspective, the study of procedures at different scales, the analysis of the plurality of contexts, as well as the perceptions that individuals, groups and societies might have.

The establishment of a multi-year thematic programme « Changing societies », covering all humanities and social sciences, should enable questioning of medium term as well as the reflection on one or more privileged themes, each year. This period of time should, more particularly, enable the accumulation of knowledge, the multiplication of points of view and theoretical questioning, favour cooperation between researchers and exchanges between various approaches.

For the year 2012, the programme proposes a new call for proposals on the theme "Governance-globalization".

Objectives of the call for proposals  "Governance-globalization"

The issue of the "globalization" occupies the social and political debate, may it be seen as a threat, a necessity or a promise. If it is often linked to economic globalization, and its consequences, it has decisive impact on our modes of government and our social models. The globalization presents a strong historic and geopolitical dimension, marked by the emergence of new economic powers, but also by the end of the European partition, and the evolution of Eastern European countries. The globalization is characterized by the emergence and the assertion of new powers, a multipolar organization of the world, the increase of the zones of conflicts, and tension on the access to the resources. The multipolar character drives to exceed the approaches in terms of North/South relationship or East/West which structured the vision of the world during the previous century. This context makes necessary the renewal of the knowledge in the field of international relations and the knowledge of the cultural, social, economic and political dynamics of the largest regions of the world. The observation of the effects of this globalization on the forms and the fashions of governance aims at bringing innovative lightings on the phenomena at stake.
The programme "Changing societies", in which “Globalization-governance” call is included, concerns basic research. It must favour the mobilization of the various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences and collaborations between these disciplines. It could however support monodisciplinary projects.

This call for proposal has several objectives

  • The renewal of the grounds of investigation and the empirical works, methods, approaches, objects, as theories;
  • The development of new problems, the opening of new grounds and the elaboration of tools of analysis and innovative methods, susceptible to improve the understanding of the offices, as transformations or emergent phenomena;
  • The development of the historic approaches over long and short period, the approaches micro and macro, comparisons in the time and in the space;
  • The confrontation between different historic specialists of geographical spaces and of periods;
  • The questioning of the relevance of the choice of the categories, the data, the indicators and the modalities of their construction and their use;
  • The interdisciplinary pooling of the results or the methods and the improvement of the consideration of the methodological and abstract overhangs;
  • The support of the contributions of the French research for these fields of investigation rapidly expanding in the international plan and the implication of the French research on the various regions of the world.

The works within the framework of this call for proposals should allow to characterize better the phenomena of globalization and the forms of governance adapted to the renewed stakes. Five major axes of work can be envisaged: they are not exhaustive and should not exclude other exploration of questions linked to the theme " Globalization – governance”.

1. Origins and worlds

  • Concepts, representations and reference tables of action
  • Empires and worlds
  • Emergence of supranational and transnational actors
  • Social and political representations

2. Flows, exchanges and territories

  • Process and exchanges
  • Populations and migrations
  • Dynamics of territories
  • International Relations and Cultural areas

3. Institutions, social, network, actors

  • Structure of the governance
  • Transformed States: powers and legitimacies
  • Actors and forms of action
  • Citizenship, mobilizations and directories of action

4. Tools, devices, standards

  • Method of government and international processes of circulation of the modes of action
  • Modalities of production and reception of the rules
  • Negotiation, cooperation, decision
  • Illicit Activities and governance

5. Public goods, regulation

  • National and international economic regulation
  • Jobs and economic new deal
  • Global Public goods, global risk
  • Ways of production of the knowledge
Opening : 2012-01-24 at 11:32 CET
Application Deadline : 2012-04-03 at 13:00 CEST

The complete submission file comprises two documents that must be filled out:

  • The "scientific document" is the scientific and technical description of the project. The document template is available in Word format (*.doc) in the downloads section. Once completed, this document is to be uploaded to the submission website.
  • The administrative and financial document is completed online on the submission website. For foreign partners, only names and contact details need to be provided. Once scanned in PDF format and signed by the partners, the coordinator must upload it to the submission website.


Scientific and financial questions:
Zoé Ancion
+33 (0)1 78 09 80 06

Director of the call for proposals
Florence Chaltiel Terral

ANR Programme Director
Jean-Claude Rabier


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