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BIOADAPT - Adaptation: from genes to populations. Genetics and biology of adaptation to stresses and disturbances

Sustainable management of used and natural ecosystems requests to consider on a priority basis the capacities of adaptation of living organisms in response to stresses and disturbances linked to global changes (climate change, changes in biophysical and environmental conditions, social and economical drivers, etc.).

Adaptation to global changes may be described from global scale (ANR programme “Global Environmental Changes and Societies” CEP&S), to intermediate scale (ANR programme “Viability and Adaptation of Productive Ecosystems, Territories and Resources Face to Global Changes” AGROBIOSPHERE), to the scale of individuals, populations and species covered here by the BIOADAPT programme. BIOADAPT should allow improving the capital of knowledge useful for the above mentioned programmes (CEP&S, AGROBIOSPHERE).

Research developed in BIOADAPT will be led by the necessity to move towards more sustainability in the management of natural and used ecosystems, biodiversity and biological resources.

BIOADAPT supports research in genetics and biology:

  • to understand mechanisms of biological adaptation at the levels of genes, individuals, populations and species in the face of global changes, stresses and disturbances ;
  • to provide innovative methods and tools for developing the adaptability of living organisms and to promote operational implementation of those results.


Opening : 2012-11-19 at 11:35 CET
Application Deadline : 2013-01-23 at 13:00 CET

Project proposals must be submitted electronically by the coordinating partner before the deadline indicated on this webpage (page 3 of the call text).

Each partner must sign and scan the submission document and upload it on the submission website before the deadline mentioned in the call text (page 3).

Contact information and more details on the programme can be found on the webpage dedicated to the BIOADAPT programme.


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