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The French National Research Agency (ANR) relies on the skills and expertise of over 300 internal employees working together in multidisciplinary teams, to fund project-based research.

In order to provide a clear view of its activities, the Agency has identified 39 key jobs (bringing together posts with similar activities) responsible for selecting, funding and monitoring projects or supporting the various roles in the exercise of these functions.

A few key jobs:

Scientific project officer: working primarily within his/her own field of scientific knowledge, the scientific project officer provides research support activities by helping to draft calls for proposals. (S)he guarantees the smooth operation of the project selection process and monitors the projects funded.

Scientific manager: The role of the scientific manager is part of a monitoring, facilitation and evaluation logic for a thematic portfolio of projects. (S)he assists the head of department in strategic reflection and foresight necessary for the programming, development of the Work Programme or strategic action plans of the ANR. Finally, (s)he participates in mission-related activities aimed at producing ex-post analyses and determining the impact of ANR fundings.

Scientific events officer: takes charge of all the organisational aspects of national and international scientific events (panel meetings; start-up, monitoring and review meetings; conferences; seminars etc.).

Grants manager: carries out administrative management with regard to the techniques, rules and procedures for funding the grants allocated. 

Accounts manager: carries out all accounting activities, ensuring they are proper, statutory and high-quality.

Lawyer: advises decision-makers by explaining options, securing the institution's interests and guaranteeing compliance with the applicable procedures. (S)he analyses and check legal documents with respect to the law in force and draft legal standards.

European project officer: carries out administrative and financial follow-up for European projects in which the Agency is involved (such as ERA-Nets, Coordination and Support Actions and European Joint Programmes).

Several posts, such as the IT project manager, beneficiary auditor, communication and media officer, HR development officer, management controller and general business manager, also operate across the organisation, providing advice and support for operational teams to improve the Agency's synergies and overall performance.

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