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Carbon management towards low fossil carbon use


Mots-clés : bioeconomy; circular economy; life cycle assessment; soil carbon sequestration; biochar; sustainable aviation; bio-based materials; novel foods; bio-oil; biogas; residual biomass


The major highlights / significant events related to Cambioscop for the period January 1st 2023 to December 31st 2023 can be summarized as follows:


  • Publication of 5 papers in ISI scientific journals (1: Progress in Energy and Combustion Science (IF=35.339); 1: Applied Energy (IF=11.446); 2: Journal of Cleaner Production (IF: 11.1); 1: Science of the Total Environment (IF=9.8)) plus one from a connected EU project on negative emission technologies, but without acknowledgement to the project (Environmental Research Letters)
  • Publication of 3 preprints, DOI: 10.21203/, 10.21203/, 10.21203/
  • Graduation of 3 PhD students of the project: Ugo Javourez (April 2023), Seunghye Lee (May 2023) and Christhel Andrade (June 2023)
  • One PhD (Ugo Javourez) continued with the team as postdoc after his graduation
  • The PI was invited in June 2023 for an introductory talk in a high level event on bioeconomy in Brussels with attendance of Commission Members.
  • In total, the PI held 9 invited talk in 2023 (details in others)
  • Presentation as round table speaker in a national scientific event (1ères Assises Nationales des Biochars. Rennes, FR, March 2023), by PhD student Christhel Andrade:
  • Three oral and one poster presentations (selected on competition, not invited) of the Cambioscop work at international conferences: Ugo Javourez at an OECD workshop ‘Food & Feed for the Future’ (Lyon) and at the SETAC-LCA international conference 2023 (see abstract book here:, Bastien Pais at LCM2023 ( and Christhel Andrade at EGU (see below)
  • One PhD student of the project, Christhel Andrade, won the 2023 ‘outstanding student and PhD candidate presentation (OSPP)’ award (soil science section) at the European Geosciences Union (EGU) annual Conference with our work on modelling the interaction between soil organic carbon changes and bioeconomy. This specific presentation was about our work in tropical ecosystems, involving the establishment of a new collaboration with key soil scientists from University of Bologna.
  • One Cambioscop paper (from 2020: 10.1016/j.scitotenv.2019.136033) got, for the third year, the « Highly cited » label in Web of Sciences for field « Environment / Ecology » with over 300 citations
  • Contribution of the PI to INRAE national working group on biomass for the SNBC 3 (Strategie Nationale Bas Carbone)
  • Held (on invitation) a training on Life Cycle Assessment for CNRS GDR Valotherbio 2023:
  • Held (on invitation) a presentation in the Life Cycle Researcher Summer School (organised by the ELSA-Pact Chair)
  • PhD defense and other media put on open access on our project Youtube channel:

L'auteur de ce résumé est le coordinateur du projet, qui est responsable du contenu de ce résumé. L'ANR décline par conséquent toute responsabilité quant à son contenu.

Informations générales

Acronyme projet : CambioSCOP
Référence projet : 17-MPGA-0006
Région du projet : Occitanie
Discipline : 2 - SMI
Aide PIA : 474 444 €
Début projet : mai 2018
Fin projet : mai 2025

Coordination du projet : Lorie HAMELIN
Email :

Consortium du projet

Etablissement coordinateur : INSA Toulouse
Partenaire(s) : INRAE Centre Occitanie - Toulouse

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