membrane; signalling; biophysic; adhesion; trafficking; imaging; mechanics

Flux d'inFormation et organisation de la membrane

Laboratoires d'excellence (LABX)

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Informations générales

Référence projet : 11-LABX-0054
Etablissement Coordinateur : Université d'Aix-Marseille
Région du projet : Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
Discipline : 5 - Bio Med

Aide de l'ANR 11 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de février 2012 à décembre 2019

Résumé de soumission

The LabEx INFORM is an interdisciplinary consortium aimed at a quantitative understanding of the flow of biological information in cells and particularly at the cell surface. Indeed, both biochemical and mechanical signals involved in numerous biological processes are received and processed at the cell surface. This project is inspired by the fact that biological studies generally lack robust quantitative foundations and by the conviction that such foundations will be key to future scientific breakthroughs. The LabEx INFORM brings together biologists and physicists to perform cutting-edge research in the area of biophysics, cell and developmental biology, immunity and infectious disease. The LabEx INFORM runs an ambitious programme that encompasses education, training and research so as to build up over the years an interdisciplinary and international community deeply connected to research institutes of the Marseille Luminy campus, based on collaborations and focused on basic and innovative research.

To achieve this goal, considerable efforts have been done to provide specific trainings to students, who have different backgrounds (biology, physics, engineering). It is indeed important to provide basic biology concepts to non-biologists and to teach essential elements of physics/maths to biologists. The teaching and training that we have implemented tried to challenge this view. Training sessions also include an opening course to give the students a common vocabulary, theoretical and practical courses in imaging, and communication and paper writing. From 2012, 25 students have been hired and trained in the LabEx INFORM PhD programme.

In the end, the consortium can boast three main achievements: 1) it developed interdisciplinary and collaborative research; 2) it initiated structuring of life science studies on campus, and 3) it provided students specific teaching and training in this interdisciplinary environment.


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