Adaptation; Agroécologie; Biodiversité; Services écosystémiques; Changements globaux; Gouvernance; Politiques publiques; Systèmes socio-écologiques

Biodiversité, Agroécosystèmes, Société, Climat

Laboratoires d'excellence (LABX)

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Informations générales

Référence projet : 11-LABX-0034
Etablissement Coordinateur : Université Paris Saclay
Région du projet : Île-de-France
Discipline : 4 - Agro Eco

Aide de l'ANR 5 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de février 2012 à décembre 2022

Résumé de soumission

The LabEx "Biodiversity, Agroecosystems, Society & Climate" (BASC) seeks to foster holistic, interdisciplinary research in order to develop innovative pathways for the provisioning of food, fiber and bioenergy, while protecting biodiversity and the environment in the face of global changes such as climate change.

- The first phase of BASC (2012-2016) was based on five Flagship Projects, three networks and seventeen smaller projects focusing on emergent research topics or innovation with non-academic partners. This phase has been marked by the consolidation of a new, interdisciplinary research community in the recently established Université Paris-Saclay. Within this University BASC has made substantial contributions to setting research priorities in newly created Departments — especially the axis "Sustainable Agrosystems, Ecosystems and Territories" in the Life Sciences Department —  and teaching priorities of Masters programs in the School "Biodiversity, Agriculture and Food, Society & Environment". BASC has also cemented strong relationships with local stakeholders - in particular in collaboration with the NGO "Terre & Cité" - through regional/national (PSDR) and European (LEADER) funded research focusing on agriculture, environment and biodiversity in peri-urban areas of the Paris region.

- The second phase of BASC was initiated in late 2016 based on five new Flagship Projects selected by BASC's international scientific council. Retained proposals cover all three axes of the research laid out in the BASC proposal and focus on i) agroecology and policy instruments for sustainable agricultural landscapes, ii) assessing ecosystem services in agroecosystems, iii) innovation and design in socio-technical systems, iv) integrated approaches to understanding flowering in maize, and v) multi-scale, integrated scenarios of land-use. These flagship projects are being completed by an additional round of funding of smaller, emergent research projects and networks.

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