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Synthèse Organique : des molécules au vivant

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Référence projet : 11-LABX-0029
Etablissement Coordinateur : COMUE Université de Normandie
Région du projet : Normandie
Discipline : 2 - SMI

Aide de l'ANR 8 006 020 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de février 2012 à décembre 2022

Résumé de soumission


From 2013, to follow the conclusions drawn by the international scientific board, the projects for all the call of proposals could be based on a collaboration between partners of SynOrg, and also with other structures of excellence (Labex, industries, competitive clusters, …). Strong collaborations emerged with other LABEX (Charmmmat, MiChem) through join summer school and call for proposals in 2016 and 2017. The chairs for high potential scientists allow Labex SynOrg to collaborate with four world leading chemists: Pr. A. Charrette (Canada), Pr. P. Williard (Fulbright fellow-USA), Pr. Y. Kondo (Japan) and more recently with Pr. M. Lautens (Canada).

SynOrg is also a major player of the regional site policies, both in research and formation, in the two regions, Normandy and Centre. SynOrg through the organic synthesis and access to New Chemical Entities is one of the domains of the smart specialization in Normandy and Centre regions in the ERDF program (European regional development fund).

Specific funding have been obtained, thanks to the labeling of LABEX, with the regions Centre, Normandy (PhD post-doc…), our institutions (PhD and permanent positions) and the state (equipments i.e. NMR magnet,…). From 2015, with the new CPER program, depending on the region, we have an access to European regional development funds-ERDF (i.e. 1M€ applications in 2015 and 2016 in Haute-Normandy).

In addition, numerous industrial partnerships have been established in the domain of chemistry and lead to the development of 4 common industry-academic laboratories. Since the creation of LABEX, 4 startups from our laboratories have emerged and are welcomed in our premises (2 in the pharmaceutical domain and 2 in biological chemistry).


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