Sugar beet ; genetic resources ; diversity ; genomics ; phenomics ; breeding methods

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Biotech - Bioressources (BTBR)

Biotech - Bioressources

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Référence projet : 11-BTBR-0007
RST : Christian HUYGHE
Etablissement Coordinateur : INRA Paris
Région du projet : Île-de-France
Discipline : 4 - Agro Eco

Aide de l'ANR 5 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de mars 2012 à septembre 2020

Résumé de soumission


AKER project is now half way of its 8 years, and the dynamic does not weaken. Year 2016 is characterized by the development of specific germplasmes, innovating and high throughput phenotyping methodologies. Peer-reviewed papers have been published and more are anticipated. 

In terms of genetic, the 16 plants belonging to the core collection previously settled were backcrossed with elite lines. Throughput and reliable molecular resources were thus applied on a huge amount of plants, at each generation to follow the introduction of exotic fragments into a sugar beet elite background. This leads to a very original, diverse, and useful germplasm. 

AKER is also testing for efficiency some “new” versus “old” breeding approaches, still in progress. A dense genotyping of elite sugar beet material has been performed, and Genomic Selection (GS) already tested. It has been confirmed that GS is providing very promising results, also for complex characters such as yield. Many different training populations have been tested for improving the correlation between predicted and real values. 

In the domain of phenotyping, large progress were recorded in the improvement of throughput for seed structure, plantlet growth in laboratory and field characterization of growing plants. Plant canopy architecture and its chlorophyll status can be carefully monitored using optical remote sensing on-boarded on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Study is progressing for disease recording but still needs investigations. The NIR method for sugar content determination on growing plants in field has been validated, and will be useful for measuring multiple time points.  

The AKER Information System is operational, and the focus is now on an improved packaging, such as data integration, analysis, publication when relevant (e.g. 5136 accessions), and genomic data queries. The sugar beet genome data is regularly updated in AIS. Ontology for phenotyping data is also close to its final version before publication.


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