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Laboratoires d'excellence (LABX)

Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-LABX-0076
Etablissement Coordinateur : CNRS Hauts-de-France
Région du projet : Hauts de France
Discipline : 2 - SMI

Aide de l'ANR 13 779 300 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de avril 2011 à décembre 2024

Résumé de soumission

As a reminder STORE-EX is the academic part of the French Network on Electrochemical Storage Systems (RS2E) that is coordinated by CNRS and that also gathers 3 Technnology Transfer Centres (CEA, IFPEN and INERIS) and 15 industrial partners covering the whole value chain in the business of batteries and supercapacitors. RS2E was created by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research in 2010 to i) foster relationship between the major existing and newcomer protagonists acting in the field of energy storage systems ii) cultivate/promote innovation and to ii) close the loop between lab innovations and product commercialization.

STORE-EX has been now running for almost 6 years and has reached at a certain extent its cruising speed mainly in terms of governance activities and scientific production with ca. 100 publications a year including ca. 10 in the top-reviewed journals in average (104 peer-reviewed papers including 13 high impact ones in 2016). Researches on Li-rich materials, Na-ion battery technology, innovative electrolytes for supercaps as well as in-situ characterization tools are the hot topics worldwide addressed for which the competition is very fierce. Gladly STORE-EX, owing to its organization is a continuous evolving structure, which enables to launch new projects.

Finally 2016 was a really exciting year as we faced two major events: the launching of two start-ups in the field of Na-ion technology and analytical tools together with the completion of the STORE-EX building, planned back to 2011, which is about to be delivered in early 2017. This 22 m€ lab that will be located in Amiens will be a unique and tremendous working tool to achieve our current projects but also to act as a French’s vitrine to shine French’s research advances worldwide in the field of energy storage.

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