Gene expression; epigenetics; stem cells; regenerative medicine; structural biology; quantitative biology; imaging; biocomputing; mouse models for human diseases; development

Integrative Biology : Nuclear dynamics- Regenerative medicine - Translational medicine

Laboratoires d'excellence (LABX)

Laboratoires d'excellence in Idex

Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-LABX-0030
Etablissement Coordinateur : Université de Strasbourg
Région du projet : Grand Est
Discipline : 5 - Bio Med

Aide de l'ANR 20 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de avril 2011 à décembre 2019

Résumé de soumission

The LabEx INRT set forth an integrated strategy to explore the mechanisms controlling gene expression in development, physiology and disease. During the reporting period, we kept building a strong scientific environment to support LabEx teams and attracting new high-profile LabEx Chairs to strengthen our project. Since 2012, we issued over 10 thematic Calls in our priority areas. We already recruited 7 LabEx Chairs while 4 additional ones received offers and are expected to join in 2017, two additional recruitments were stimulated by the visibility brought by the LabEx calls. Newcomers are offered attractive LabEx packages supplemented whenever possible by additional funding (Idex, ATIP-Avenir, ANR, national bodies, EU, charities…) and benefit from our LabEx funded International PhD Program and technology support. Thirty-three LabEx-funded PhD students were hired while co-funding by LabEx helped leverage support for 8 additional PhD fellowships. We also launched the Summer Internship Program to identify highly talented pre-Master students to join the Institute for PhD or postdoctoral research. Our partnership with the SATT Alsace Conectus, which, involved the joint recruitment of an IP Scout in 2012 and the creation and implementation of a novel funding scheme for preliminary innovative projects in 2013 lead to the filing of several patents and the creation of several start-ups until 2016. We increased the visibility of the LabEx INRT through several channels including advertisement for international Calls, visits of high-level delegations, and actions towards lay public.  Overall, the INRT received very good comments as a result of the 2015 national evaluation.

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