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Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-LABX-0024
RST : Mathias FINK
Etablissement Coordinateur : Fondation Paris Sciences et Lettres
Région du projet : Île-de-France
Discipline : 1 - Math Info

Aide de l'ANR 8 000 000 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de avril 2011 à décembre 2022

Résumé de soumission





The aim of the WIFI project is to unify in a very multidisciplinary approach high-level fundamental research, business creation and education.

Research project

The originality of our research project is to exploit the deep synergies between acoustics and optics to learn how to manipulate waves in the most complex environments and to design new instruments for imaging and communication in these environments.  A lot of breakthroughs have been made since the beginning of the project. Among them, we would like to emphasize


an original approach to « tame » random lasers ;

a new functional brain imaging modality based on ultrasound (fUS by analogy to fMRI) which should have a major impact in neuroscience from fundamental research to clinical applications;

new ways of controlling waves at subwavelenth scales using plasmonics or locally-resonant materials;

 the development of passive imaging methods using ambient noise for ultrasound non destructive testing, radar detection and optical imaging;




Results of exploitation: 57 patents have been taken and five startups have been founded since the beginning of the project:


a company developing a tunable « smart wall » that optimizes the signal on a mobile phone in a room by "recycling" the available electromagnetic energy: GREENERWAVE;

a company developing an instrument for non-invasive treatment of cardiac valve pathologies based on time reversal focusing of ultrasound: CARDIAWAVE;

a company developing novel optics-based computing hardware for Big Data Processing: LIGHTON;

a company that offers innovative solutions in the field of super-resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) and cell membrane imaging for biological research:  ABBELIGHT;

a company dedicated to neurofunctional imaging with unprecedented spatiotemporal resolution and ease of use: NEUROFLOWS


Education: four summer schools and one international colloquium have been organized since the beginning of the project




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