x ray source; compton interaction; electron accelerator; ring;Fabry Perot cavity

Source X monochromatique compacte

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Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-EQPX-0051
Etablissement Coordinateur : CNRS IDF Sud (Gif)
Région du projet : Île-de-France
Discipline : 2 - SMI

Aide de l'ANR 11 994 200 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de février 2011 à décembre 2021

Résumé de soumission

ThomX is the french project for an X rays source (40 to 90 keV) based on Compton interaction between the photons of a high power laser and an electron beam stored in a ring. The accelerator is composed of a photo-injector linac feeding the storage ring. On that ring, a laser pulse accumulated in a Fabry-Perot cavity resonator is interacting with the 50 MeV electrons. The final goal is to provide an xray flux of 1013 ph/s. The emitted flux will be characterized inside a dedicated X ray line transport. Different users are identified ranging from medical science, medical imaging to cultural heritage analysis. Experimental technics and methods developed on synchrotron storage rings will be used by ThomX users. It will be installed on the Orsay Paris-Sud University site, in 2017 and comissionned in 2018.

The ending date of T1 is postponed due to the delay of delivery of the buidling. An building of the Orsay campus was refurbished during the whole year 2016. The final effort for the equipement is concerning the X ray line equipement for the users area. All technical design are done. The budget of T1 is at 85% whereas the T2 is only at 20% which is due to the fact that the machine is not yet installed and ready to have users. The commissioning will be done in 2018 and the explotation phase will start in 2019. The equipement of such an x ray source needs accelerator parts coupled with a high power laser : lasers, laser fibers, RF sources, accelerating section, electron source, diagnostics for the electron and the laser beam, feedback loops, magnets, pulsed magnets, vacuum components, power supplies, software for the control ans command system ... almost every thing (90%) is ready to be installed.

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