Cancer genomic; next generation sequencing (NGS); high throughput sequencing; personalized/precision medicine; big data; biological and clinical data integration; ethics; biobanking

Equipement de biologie intégrative du cancer pour une médecine personnalisée

Equipements d'excellence (EQPX)

Equipements d'excellence

Informations générales

Référence projet : 10-EQPX-0003
Etablissement Coordinateur : Institut Curie
Région du projet : Île-de-France
Discipline : 5 - Bio Med

Aide de l'ANR 12 484 200 euros
Investissement couvrant la période de février 2011 à décembre 2019

Résumé de soumission

Enabling access to massive genomic data within the framework of care is paving the way for paradigm changes in cancer medicine but, if sequencing technologies have now reached a certain level of maturity, large-scale clinical and fundamental research projects are still needed to evolve toward direct patient benefits.

In this context, the aim of ICGex is to improve the integration of genomic data into large-scale research programs on the mechanisms of cancer in order to develop innovative therapeutic applications. To achieve this, the program requires robust infrastructures for the treatment and storage of biological samples and data associated with efficient integration of clinical and biological information.

At the end of the investment phase, ICGex enabled us to set-up a state-of-the art next generation sequencing platform which is, through its versatility and the large variety of applications it offers, unique in the French cancer research landscape. Moreover, this original platform is located at the core of one of the largest cancer research centers in Europe directly connecting research and care.

In accordance with our application file, regular internal calls for projects enabled us to develop an institutional “NGS culture”. Genomic information is regularly shared between clinicians and researchers in the frame of clinical and fundamental research projects. Since 2012, more than 50 projects have been financed, 62 publications have been identified in the frame of ICGex corresponding with an average impact factor of 13.1. Some of these results clearly impact science and practice of care (Barau Science 2016; Fernández-Sánchez Nature 2015; Le Tourneau Lancet Oncol. 2015; Grünewald Nat. Genet. 2015; Eleveld Nat. Genet. 2015; LeLoarer Nat. Genet. 2015 …).

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