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Out-of-equilibrium dynamics of fermionic condensates – DYFERCO

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Quantum many-body physics is an old field of research, which covers many experimental systems such as ultracold atoms, condensed and nuclear matter, and even some high-energy relativistic systems. Yet, many fundamental questions remain unanswered particularly in the regimes of the strong interparticle interaction or heavily excited dynamics. Today, experiments on ultracold atomic gases or superconductors are putting experimental facts in front of these open questions, and we lack a theoretical framework to understand these observations. Using innovative approaches, specially tailored to describe the highly-excited evolution of strongly-coupled particles, I will fill this theoretical gap, provide the basis to interpret existing observations, and propose new experiments either addressing fundamental questions or pushing forward technical limitations. This project focuses on quantum fluids of fermionic particles, which are by far the most common and include electron gases, such as superconductors, atomic gases made of 2, 3 or more species of fermions, nuclear and neutronic matter, and some high-energy systems, such as the quark mixtures described by quantum chromodynamics. Together with experienced persons hired for long periods, I will develop a method to systematically include high-order correlations between particles and describe the relaxation of the fluid due to ergodic processes. Direct applications to quenched condensates of atomic fermions including some ongoing experiments (WP1), colored superfluids made of three species of fermions (WP2), and strongly-coupled or unconventional superconductors (WP3) will be drawn. For superconductors, we will discuss in particular the possible effect of quantum fluctuations in the collective excitation branches on the critical temperature. Beyond this short-term experimental significance, we expect our method to become a new standard for studies of out-of-equilibrium quantum fluids.

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Help of the ANR 113,500 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: August 2023 - 24 Months

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