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data share among HEAlthcare information SYstems : Application in PLAtelet concentrate Transfusion – HEASY_PLAT

Submission summary

The role of Platelet Concentrate (PCs) in such adverse reactions (ARs) and low transfusion yield could be related to the inflammatory function of platelets.

Their contribution to the haemostatic response, platelets are innate immunity cells that lead to pro-inflammatory events. This study aims to further understanding of PC proper use and misuse.

This project consist to follow-up of the characteristics of the CPs, recipients, their associated pathology, and parameters related to the effectiveness of platelet transfusion with several approach: in vitro, in vivo and will be added with the EFS and clinical University Hospital Center of Saint-Etienne database. Methods of "machine learning" will be used in order to propose a PC delivery decision tree for a personalized transfusion.

These optimization algorithms will allow to best matching patients and available platelet products in order to reduce the AR risk and increase platelet transfusion yield by taking into account features of both patients and platelet products.

In fine, the objectives are to develop an automated blood unit selection model for the automated matching of personalized transfusion and improved demand prediction models to simultaneously improve inventory management practices and minimize wastage.

Project coordinator

Monsieur FABRICE COGNASSE (EFS AuRA / Dpt scientifique -St Etienne)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


IMRB Institut Mondor de recherche biomédicale
CIS Centre Ingénierie et Santé
SAINBIOSE SAnté INgenierie BIOlogie Saint-Etienne - U1059
CIC CHU de Saint Etienne
EFS AuRA EFS AuRA / Dpt scientifique -St Etienne

Help of the ANR 601,217 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: January 2023 - 42 Months

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