SAPS-RA-MCS 2021 - Science avec et pour la société – Recherche Action – Médiation et communication scientifiques

FabLab-MORE - Mediation, Optimization, Redocumentarization and Knowledge issues – FabLab-MORE

Submission summary

The progressive construction of a digital culture based on the use of machines, techniques, languages, algorithms, and more generally of information, involves the acquisition of renewed skills, with the ability to create objects in a collaborative process, using techniques and tools made available to the public and shared in open spaces, the FabLabs. They respond to the collective concern for democratized access to the co-construction of knowledge and skills, facilitating transmission using nonconventional learning practices. The FabLab project approach remains poorly documented, communicated and visible. The FabLab-More project aims to experiment and analyze the development potential of FabLabs through the improvement of documentation, communication and intermediation processes, in a logic of social openness more than expert technological innovation, and to continue and deepen the investigations initiated around Third Places as participatory spaces for the dissemination of knowledge. The cognitive, social and intercultural dimensions are put into practice through experiments with young audiences in a network of local and international FabLabs, and analyzed by a team of researchers who are experts in human and digital mediation and education issues.

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Help of the ANR 76,160 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 24 Months

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