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Understanding the impact of multi-crisis on personal identity and memory in Lebanon; from social psychology to cognitive neurosciences – ENSA - oublie

Submission summary

Lebanon emerged from a 15-year war in 1990 to dive right back into an unstable, uncertain and violent post-war context. Multiple crises have been accumulating even more intensely since the October 2019 revolution, culminating on August 4 2020 with one of the most devastating explosions in history.

In this multi-crisis context to which adds up the global COVID-19 pandemic background, the mental health of Lebanese people is necessarily highly affected. The research project we propose aims to study narrative identity, i.e. how people tell their own story, in the Lebanese population. Through this approach, we first seek to understand the link between the life stories of individuals and their vulnerability to the most commonly found psychiatric disorders in times of crisis (PTSD, mood and anxiety disorders). We will also evaluate the impact of these crises on Lebanese people beyond pathology, on a more nuanced continuum. In other words, this multi-crisis context is impacting cognitive and affective processes and altering the global psychological functioning, even in apparently healthy people with no specific diagnosis; we want to understand how. At the intersection between social psychology and neuroscience, our narrative identity approach is ideal to explore the impact of all these crises on mental health, and, in turn, to identify the research axes that ought to be further explored with quantitative and digital approaches in order to detect weak signals.

Our work will provide new psychotherapeutic avenues adapted to the Lebanese population and, more generally, to high-risk populations going through societal crises. In order to make our results accessible to a wider public than the academic one, in particular to worried and anxious patients in times of crisis, we will also develop a strong scientific communication axis in collaboration with Sci-dip, an emerging startup in the field.

Project coordinator

Madame Mélissa Allé (UMR 9193 - Laboratoires sciences cognitives et sciences affectives)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


USJ - INSAN USJ - Department of Psychology - INSAN lab of neuroscience
SCALAB UMR 9193 - Laboratoires sciences cognitives et sciences affectives

Help of the ANR 95,607 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: January 2022 - 18 Months

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