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MeetUX : Platform for Innovation with Distant User Expérience – MeetUX

Submission summary

The Labcom MeetUX aims to develop an interdisciplinary platform of user experience (UX) innovation methods anchored in remote creative communities. UX innovation methods enable firms to improve the success of innovations by introducing human and societal factors into the innovation processes. The new challenge for these methods is to mobilize users through social media in order to interact continuously with innovators so that UX is no longer one step in the process (even at the beginning) but a permanent relationship between solution designers and users. MeetUX is a collaboration between the Research Federation INNOVACS and the innovation consulting company Absiskey. INNOVACS leads the interdisciplinary innovation research programs of a scientific community that includes 18 laboratories in human and social sciences (SHS) and engineering sciences (SPI). For its part, Absiskey supports firms in their innovation processes by mobilizing UX-centric methods. Absiskey has developed a methodological expertise in synergy with academic research through numerous collaborations including several past or current CIFRE Phds on user experience and its methodological applications. For the Labcom MeetUX, four pilot methods were selected : - The C3 Method - Canvas of Creative Communities - is a method for developing innovation communities or the relationships of innovative companies with existing innovation communities (CIFRE Absiskey - UGA) - The CAPV - Calibrated Auction Predicted Valuation - method is used to determine the user’s willingness to pay for an innovation. - The ISEACAP method evaluate and improve SMEs' practices in terms of external knowledge acquisition during collaborative innovation projects - The CORID method (COmmunication Responsible for Innovative Concepts) develop concept presentation solutions in order to maximize the level of understanding of potential remote users (CIFRE Absiskey - UGA) These methods were selected for their complementarities and for the coherence of their research issues towards remote creative communities. Each laboratory of INNOVACS carrying a method will therefore address a research front on their common identified challenge : to allow UX methods to articulate the innovation processes of firms to remote creative communities. Within the framework of the MeetUX programme, these methods will be brought to maturity in terms of innovation consulting standards, instrumented and articulated in a coherent methodological offer marketed within the value-added economic model developed by INNOVACS and Absiskey. The industrial challenges are : - For Absiskey, increase its UX expertise through a complete methodological suite, anchored in research and at the forefront of digital innovation - For corporate customers, a key factor in the success of their innovations is to capture the user experience (UX) innovation methods, as social networks now allow. The work programme is structured in four working package over 48 months (excluding the 6 months agreement’s phase). - WP 1: maturation and formalization of methods in order to make them transferable, teachable, and the specifications of software tools - WP 2: development of the integrative platform and methodological tools - WP 3: use cases - WP 4: training and expertise transfer

Project coordination

Fabienne Martin-Juchat (Fédération de Recherche Innovation Connaissances et Société)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


FR INNOVACS Fédération de Recherche Innovation Connaissances et Société
Absiskey Absiskey

Help of the ANR 361,168 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: April 2021 - 54 Months

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