CE20 - Biologie des animaux, des organismes photosynthétiques et des microorganismes

Deciphering the role of bovine neutrophil subsets in bovine tuberculosis – Neutro-bTB

Submission summary

Neutrophils fully participate to adaptive immunity by cross talk with T cells. We discovered a new population of regulatory neutrophils circulating in cattle blood under normal conditions with suppressive activity on T cells. Their function in infections is unknown. During tuberculosis (TB) in humans or mouse models, neutrophils are established key cells of the physiopathology where they play protective or deleterious roles depending on the stage of the disease. Such knowledge in missing in cattle, infected with Mycobacterium bovis (Mb), responsible for bovine TB, a regulated and highly challenging animal disease. Here, we will investigate how regulatory or classical neutrophils interact with Mb and determine the roles they play upon early encounter of the pathogen and later when the host adaptive response forms the granulomatous cellular structure. Our experiments will provide a better understanding of both bTB pathogenesis and cattle neutrophil biology.

Project coordinator

Madame Aude Remot (INRAE Infectiologie et Santé Publique)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


ISP - 1282 INRAE Infectiologie et Santé Publique

Help of the ANR 336,568 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: May 2022 - 36 Months

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