T-ERC_STG - Tremplin-ERC (9) 2020

Targeting SWI/SNF-related chromatin remodelling defects in solid tumors – SWI-SNF

Submission summary

Recent large-scale genomic profiling studies have uncovered mutations in the SWI/SNF (Switch / Sucrose Non-Fermentable) chromatin remodelling complex subunits in 20% of solid tumours. Most of these tumours resist to current therapies. To address this highly unmet medical need, it is crucial to determine how to harness vulnerabilities induced by SWI/SNF defects and to identify novel, targeted strategies against SWI/SNF-defective cancers. Recent evidence suggests that SWI/SNF interacts with the DNA repair apparatus and is involved in shaping tumour immunogenicity. I therefore propose to identify and understand synthetic lethal vulnerabilities associated with SWI/SNF defects, and study how the latter can be exploited to stimulate the anti-tumour immune response, in order to develop novel, targeted, effective therapeutic approaches that I will ultimately translate into a proof-of-concept clinical protocol.

Parallel hypothesis-testing and -generating approaches will be used to identify and decipher novel synthetic lethal vulnerabilities associated with selected SWI/SNF defects. This will be done using in-house developed isogenic and non-isogenic models of SWI/SNF deficiency and tumour samples. Molecular biology, high-content imaging and in vivo experiments on xenografts and syngeneic models will be performed to study the effects of drugs that are synthetic lethal with SWI/SNF defects both on intra-cellular signalling and anti-tumour immune response. I will further combine high-throughput screening and proteomic approaches to comprehensively characterise SWI/SNF-associated vulnerabilities and interactome. The impact of SWI/SNF defects on tumour heterogeneity will be investigated. Preclinical data will be integrated with in-house generated tumour profiling data and guide the development of clinical studies. The overall research program will identify, decipher mechanistically and evaluate clinically novel immuno-oncology therapeutic strategies for SWI/SNF-deficient tumours.

Project coordinator

Madame Sophie Postel-Vinay (U981 INSERM - Gustave Roussy)

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U981 INSERM - Gustave Roussy

Help of the ANR 124,977 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: December 2020 - 24 Months

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