CE28 - Cognition, éducation, formation

Implicit Theory of Mind: underlying mechanisms and functional role – IMPTOM

Submission summary

The idea that Theory of Mind (ToM) requires explicit reasoning and inference has been recently challenged. We track other people's minds without being aware of it, and even when perspectives of others are irrelevant to our current goals. Intriguingly, this form of implicit ToM directly affects the way we interact with our environment, suggesting that beliefs and perspectives of others are represented in a similar way as our own experience. To date, the mechanisms underlying implicit beliefs representation and its functional role during development and adulthood are far from being understood. The goals of the present proposal are to 1) understand the basic neural mechanisms of beliefs representation 2) investigate the socio-cognitive and hormonal factors that could modulate implicit ToM 3) testing its epistemic role, by relating implicit ToM to school performance in children. The project will advance our knowledge with implications that go beyond a basic science perspective.

Project coordination

Lara Bardi (Institut des sciences cognitives Marc Jeannerod)

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ISC Institut des sciences cognitives Marc Jeannerod

Help of the ANR 230,721 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: October 2020 - 48 Months

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