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Rational design of halide perovskite-based quantum dots for photonic applications – DesperQD

Submission summary

Colloidal perovskites have attracted attention for potential use in solid-state lighting and single photon emitters. Halide perovskite quantum dots (QDs) offer a cheap and scalable material option for such applications due to their high defect tolerance and high luminescence quantum yield. Despite the huge variety of halide perovskite available, only a few are used in their colloidal form, which can be explained by the difficulty to stabilize QDs with a low surface defect concentration using these materials. We demonstrated excellent defect passivation using amino groups in thin film form, resulting in significantly reduced trap states. We will perform ab initio atomistic simulations to optimize halide peroskite QDs complexes stabilized with capping molecules. The crucial link between the atomic structure and the optical properties will be established at the single quantum dot level using correlative optical and structural techniques.

Project coordination

Carole Diederichs (Laboratoire de physique de l'ENS)

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IMPMC Institut de Minéralogie, de Physique des Matériaux et de Cosmochimie
NTU-MSE Nanyang Technological University (NTU) / School of Materials Science and Engineering (MSE)
LPENS Laboratoire de physique de l'ENS

Help of the ANR 613,174 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 36 Months

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