CE22 - Sociétés urbaines, territoires, constructions et mobilité

Sensitive urban PROduction. From design to experience: environmental and political issues of SEnsitive approaches in COntemporary projects – PROSECO

Submission summary

PROSECO will bring new elements of understanding of the place of sensitive approaches in the whole production process of urban space and will complete the existing works on sensitive experiences of urban spaces. Four objectives structure the project: (1) understand the place of the sensitive approaches in the design process, for the stakeholders and designers but also for the designers (architects, landscapers, urban designers…); (2) understand sensitive experiences and their social and political effects; (3) understand the sensitive dimension of environmental issues when considered in space production; (4) understand the relationships between design process and reception/experiences. The methodological approach combines: (1) an inventory of projects in 5 French territories, in order to highlight 10 sites; (2) on these 10 sites, a survey with professionals in urban production (seminars, interviews, walking interviews); (3) on 3 sites, a survey with the inhabitants and users (ethnography, interviews, commented walks, sensorial pouches, focus group workshops).
This research will bring knowledge on the consideration of the sensitive approaches by the professional stakeholders of urban production. This is a particularly innovative aspect because no research has been carried out in France on this subject. In addition, it will shed light on developments and evolutions of space production professions in contact with environmental issues, complementing existing work from a new angle. PROSECO will consolidate existing work on the socio-political aspects of the sensitive experiences of space and will contribute on its scale to a renewal of the sensitive approaches in contact with environmental questions. As an extension, the results of this research will inform and evolve operational practices and will certainly feed the pedagogy.
The communications of research among the scientific and professional community and the non-scientific community is envisaged during the research (social media, research notebook, communications and publications), but also halfway (actions oriented on scientific mediation), and at the end of the research (symposium and double publication).
PROSECO brings together a multidisciplinary team around the coordinator, and aims to give new perspectives to her work by developing a specific thematic field, but also to consolidate current reflections in her research laboratory and reinforce old or more recent collaborations.

Project coordination

Théa Manola (Ambiances Architectures Urbanités)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


AAU Ambiances Architectures Urbanités

Help of the ANR 241,339 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: - 36 Months

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