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Chromatin dynamics and transcription in mitotic mESCs – ChroDynE

Submission summary

Cell mitosis has long been associated with an interruption of gene regulation: the nuclear envelope is disassembled, the chromatin condenses, many transcription factors (TFs) are inactivated, and transcription is globally down-regulated. The mechanisms by which gene expression programs are reactivated in daughter cells remain unknown. However, some TFs display the capacity of binding at their genomic targets during mitosis, thereby canalizing the unfolding of gene regulation in the following interphase, a process known as mitotic bookmarking. Here, we propose a combination of state-of-the-art single-molecule imaging techniques, mathematical modeling, and genome engineering, to study mitotic bookmarking in stem cells. We will provide a quantitative description of the principles underpinning TF activity in mitotic cells and investigate how they impinge upon the dynamic organization of chromatin and gene regulation throughout mitosis.

Project coordination

Thomas GREGOR (Institut Pasteur - Unité Physique des fonctions biologiques)

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Institut Pasteur - Unité Physique des fonctions biologiques
EPIC Institut Pasteur - Unité Epigénomique, Prolifération et Identité Cellulaire

Help of the ANR 509,502 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: June 2021 - 48 Months

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