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Alerte Detection Drone: Identification & Tracking by fusION – ADDITION

Submission summary

The ADDITION project is a 36-month project in collaborative research in PRCE partnership with 7 partners (3 SMEs: Exavision, Syrlinks, ISSM; 1 EPIC: ONERA (coordinator); 1 laboratory: ICP and two end-users CEA/DSSN and the DGGN). It meets the requirement of Counter-UAS and surveillance applications and falls within the framework of the theme 8.8 "Global Security and CyberSecurity" of the AAPG ANR 2018.
This project aims to develop a detection and warning solution without radar or complementary to them and to set up the associated treatments to track, geolocate in 3D, classify and identify UAV or any threat with low signature radar or thermal, day or night and in poor visibility.
ADDITION consists in exploiting two complementary and combined approaches, namely a system approach and a technological maturation phase.
Our system approach implements the synergies of a network of heterogeneous sensors combining high resolution passive electro-optics (EO) (visible, IR, SWIR), active EO (LIDAR 3D COTS, high 2D laser imager resolution) and passive radio frequencies to provide the functions of detection and tracking in 3D and identification of multi-drone for neutralization purposes. In this system approach, a first originality is to rely on sensor networks involving 3D LIDARs. A second originality is to include an improved RF technique based on a so-called super-resolutive method that indicates a target location cone by providing azimuth and elevation information, detecting and distinguishing up to three transmitters. Beside original sensor-side solutions, a major challenge of this system approach lies in the complex implementation of such a heterogeneous network by the judicious choice of fusion architecture to be deployed without radar for wide area monitoring system and target designation.
The second approach proposed in ADDITION is more focused on technological maturations of solutions that could be included according to their maturity in the network. It considers two aspects: the algorithmic schemes and new instrumental concepts. ADDITION will enhance the processing and fusion of 3D data for multi-target tracking as well as specific image processing to improve identification from high resolution optical sensors. The detection and discrimination algorithms of mobile radio transmitters will be made more precise in order to determine the angle of arrival and the altitude of the drone over long distances. Two technological solutions of photon-counting 3D LIDAR will be evaluated to alert and detect in real-time at ranges of interest (> 2km). Beside this, a maturation phase of a SWIR 2D laser imager based on COTS components will be conducted to integrate this product into the network and offer a unique H24 identification capability with up to kilometers range.
ADDTION therefore aims to provide a technological demonstration of a heterogeneous network of sensor architecture in which short and medium term technological maturations will be included. Through the presence of end-users partner in the project, ADDITION will validate the network of heterogeneous sensor and technological maturations through both benchmarking and real-scale operational trials defined by the users. Furthermore, a study of the legal framework will be conducted with the partners in order to define it, to determine the rules in force in CUAV operations control in the European Union, to determine the impact on the criminal evidence and to ensure the respect of the fundamental rights by ADDITION.

Project coordination

Laurent Hespel (ONERA / DOTA)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


DGGN pôle sécurité des territoires et des personnels
CEA Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives / DSSN/SPPS

Help of the ANR 778,425 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: November 2019 - 36 Months

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