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Enriched continuum modeling of smart metamaterials – METASMART

Submission summary

Engineering metamaterials showing unorthodox behaviors with respect to wave propagation are recently attracting attention for their innumerable astonishing applications. We are particularly interested in those metamaterials that can inhibit wave propagation in particular frequency ranges which are known as “frequency band-gaps”.

A wealth of modeling efforts are currently made trying to account for the observed band-gaps in a reliable manner. The most common models are intrinsically microscopic and are based on the use of Bloch's theorem for periodic microstructures or on numerical homogeneization techniques. Nevertheless, to the authors’ knowledge, a systematic treatment of band-gap modeling based on the spirit of Enriched Continuum Mechanics is still lacking and deserves attention. The idea of using enriched continuum theories to describe microstructured materials needs to be fully developed in order to achieve a simplified modeling and more effective conception of large-scale engineering “metastructures” made up of metamaterials as building blocks. This would allow for the design of real, large-scale engineering structures which are able to resist to vibrations and shocks in a large range of frequencies.

Theoretical models accounting for any single element of such metastructures rapidly show their limits both in terms of complexity and computational performances. We propose to develop and use a new enriched continuum model, called “Relaxed Micromorphic”, allowing to describe the behavior of metastructures in the simplified framework of continuum mechanics. The constitutive macroscopic parameters of our model will be identified on real metamaterials, opening the way to the efficient design and realization of fascinating engineering metastructures.

Enriched numerical simulations will be conceived and performed by the research group of the coordinator at the Laboratory SMS-ID of INSA-Lyon. Such numerical simulations will consist on both classical simulations based on Bloch-Floquet analysis of periodic structures and novel numerical simulations based on the recently introduced enriched continuum model. The comparison of the results of these discrete versus enriched-continuum simulations will allow a first determination of the elastic parameters of the relaxed micromorphic model by inverse approach.

The numerical results will be also compared to experimental tests realized on actual metamaterials which will be produced by additive manufacturing using the platform ADDIFAB (ENISE/LTDS). At least two different metamaterials will be produced and tested through this ANR project. The dynamic tests allowing to determine the band-gap properties of the considered metamaterials will be performed at the platform ‘Vibrations and Acoustics’ of the Laboratory LTDS of Ecole Centrale of Lyon. Such experimental campaign will allow to achieve the twofold task of:

- actually producing metamaterials which are able to stop the propagation of waves without energetic cost
- validate the measurement of the parameters of the introduced enriched continuum model previously obtained by inverse approach.

This project has the ambition to break some traditional microscopically-based approaches by using enriched continuum models for the description of band-gap metamaterials with the introduction of only few homogenized parameters additionally to the classical Young modulus and Poisson ratio. The project also wants to establish a closed loop of theoretical and experimental investigations, cross-comparing results and achievements with the aim of obtaining an optimal material microstructure design for vibration damping and a comprehensive procedure for validating and assessing the developed solutions towards full scale experimental testing. As such, the project will ultimately deliver not only high-quality scientific research in terms of modeling and design, but will also design and produce at least two new advanced architectured metamaterials.

Project coordinator

Madame Angela MADEO (Sols Matériaux Structures Integrité Durabilité)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


SMS-ID Sols Matériaux Structures Integrité Durabilité

Help of the ANR 287,359 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: September 2017 - 48 Months

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