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Atomic-scale electron correlations using time-resolved scanning tunnelling microscopy – ACTION

Submission summary

The dynamics of exotic systems such as oxides (high-temperature superconductors, manganites, irridates…) and heavy fermion materials contains important clues to the mechanism driving the often unanticipated and technologically very relevant properties. To gain access to the dynamics of electronic correlations and out-of-equilibrium properties of these quantum electron systems time resolved spectroscopy, and shot noise spectroscopy in particular, are key. Whereas these techniques are well established in the study of mesoscopic systems, they have yet to be addressed on the scale where the action occurs: the atoms, the electrons, and – in combinations with spin resolved tunnelling spectroscopy – the spins. To fill this crucial void, we will set up a low temperature shot noise scanning probe lab, combining the expertise on shot noise spectroscopy, and high frequency spectroscopy in general, at the Laboratoire de Physique des Solides in Orsay and the scanning probe expertise of the candidate. This facility will open up a new avenue of research in the host laboratory, and in France as a whole, and will bring important new insights into the time domain properties of correlated electron systems.

Project coordination

Freek Massee (Laboratoire de physique des solides)

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LPS Laboratoire de physique des solides

Help of the ANR 400,000 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: January 2016 - 36 Months

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