FLDR - Protection de zones sensibles vis-à-vis des drones aériens

systematic ANalysis and Global responsE to UAS threats to criticaL infrAStructures and events – ANGELAS

Submission summary

ANGELAS (Systematic ANalysis and Global responsE to UAS threats to criticaL infrAStructures and events) is an experimental development conducted through a public-private partnership in reaction to uncooperative "unmanned aerial vehicles" (UAS) incursions over civilian sensitive areas. It addresses the performance of multiple sensors using different technologies and covers the use of the individual data and their correlation/fusion processing to the benefit of the different end users. Using the Onera test beds (various UAS and constantly available test site) and the EDF's ability to provide representative infrastructures, all the results are validated by field trials all along the project. The project mainly addresses the detection of UAS (<25kg) by multi-sensor correlation but also their recognition and identification within a range of a few kilometers around sensitive facilities (nuclear type) and in all sorts of environment. The results will be adaptable to other assets and apply for the urban environment and for the protection of large events (meeting, sports...). In this context, the developments generically optimize the interfaces to the various stakeholders’ roles and focus on a rapid reaction to allow target neutralization and perpetrator’s arrest, taking into account different types of UAS flight modes. ANGELAS concentrates its resources on the identified bottlenecks (especially in multi-sensor fusion) and on field experimentations relying on a reusable framework readily open to accommodate the best solutions proposed by the French industry CoFIS structure. ANGELAS builds upon a multidisciplinary team, well balanced between industrial partners (SMEs and large group) and laboratories and relies on:
• A proven expertise in sensors, systems or systems and high TRL (5-8) optronics and electromagnetic technologies/systems. The objective is to assess their performance and complementarity in response to the threats and context.
• Less mature (TRL 3-4) optronics / electromagnetic technologies but with high potential for the mission (i.e. laser imager 2D / 3D resolution optimized processing to identify long pointed scope or optical detection, DVB passive radar). These solutions benefit from other projects and are integrated into the test platforms.
The partners (Onera, Thales (TCS), Exavision, Telecom Sud Paris) provide detection and geo-location systems, neutralizing tools and a framework to test the relevant technologies and various data processing solutions. Such infrastructure and associated data processing will provide the asset operators with readily usable detection information, leaving the experts with access to full relevant data and the security forces with material for fast reaction, ability to locate the perpetrators and evidence for prosecution. EDF and CEA bring their knowledge of the risks, of theirs needs and a first feedback on the proposed solutions. As the operators of the protection of their sites, they will coordinate the relevant operational demonstrations and, as appropriate, invite operators of drones and neutralization solutions. The ICP, in connection with the specialists of the consortium, ensures compliance of the proposed solutions with the applicable laws, regulations and conventions. A users committee will support the project all along its life. It includes the governmental stakeholders, but also French private and institutional players in UAS activities.

Project coordinator

Monsieur Laurent Hespel (ONERA)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


CEA-LETI Commissariat à l'énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives - LETI
TSP Telecom SudParis
ICP Institut de criminologie et de droit pénal de Paris

Help of the ANR 642,278 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: May 2015 - 18 Months

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