FLDR - Protection de zones sensibles vis-à-vis des drones aériens

Light UAV detection, tracking, localization, jamming, spoofing and remote control detection. – BORÉADES

Submission summary

To answer to ANR project on « sensitive areas protection against airborne drones », companies CS SI, HGH and SPECTRACOM have choose to present together a project based on innovative technologies gathered to meet drones detection, tracking and neutralisation. Our project is original in seeking as a priority to search for best adaptated technological breakthrough for operational need and short term commercial objectives.
CS SI, HGH and SPECTRACOM have choose to work on « electro-optical day-night detection », « remote control neutralisation », « geopositionning neutralisation » and « remote control base localisation estimation » modules. These modules, with TRL above 6, meet all operational need and will give in short term a high performance and cost effectivesystem, well adaptated to sensitive aeras protection market. According to project call, threat knowledge, legal and sociologic aspects are already included in our tender.

Connected to a supervision system, electro-optical sensors will locate precisely threatening UAV. When target localisation and tracking is gained, a turret, carying our jamming-spoofing devices is aimed on. Specific counter-measures will be conducted in order to achieve different goals, to move away target, to take control or to recover it, in forcing its landing close to area protected.

Supervision system is to be based on CS SI’ MWPS system. This system is to supervise multi-sensors and multi-effectors in maritime security environment. It has been designed with multistandards mapping for sensors and effectors accurate positionning and control. MWPS is compatible with numerous radar and electro-optical systems already available. In operation in French Navy, MWPS will evolve to integrate counter-measures system command & control, including target position exchanges, and track coming from sensors.
To give accurate 3D position of target, it is necessary to have at least 2 sensors. CS SI is proposing visible spectrum sensor. Based on SeaScope 360 camera, designed for maritime surveillance, CS SI is to seek for best sensors in order to provide an optimized detection on small targets. Long-range Infrared detection is to be provided by HGH system Spynel 20°. On this system too, experience already gained allows to know technologies to be improved to reach drone detection’s objectives.

Two kinds of neutralization effectors are scheduled : a selective remote control data jamming, proposed by CS SI, and a spoofing action against drone GPS (or equivalent) navigation system, made by Spectracom. These two systems area innovative realization. Lacking navigation data, drone would atempt to go back its launching place with GPS data. In maintening it artificially on a recovery positiong, with false GPS data, we should be able to locate remote control device position.

This project will start with legal and technical studies, in order to provide best adaptated requirements for sensors and effectors capabilities. C2 system wil be connectable to outside network.
Our objective is to build a demonstrator, system designed to bring a smart answer to threatening drone. This choosen limitation is to allow an easy marketing of final product, thanks to effective costs policy and limited risks. Works conducted for very small targets electro-optical detection improvement are to be used again in other solutions. Knowledge acquired in drone neutralization is also to be used in future projects.

Project coordination

André FOUSSAT (CS Systèmes d'Information)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


CS SI CS Systèmes d'Information
Spectracom Spectracom
HGH HGH Systèmes Infrarouges

Help of the ANR 439,290 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: May 2015 - 12 Months

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