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Oxide Based Nanocomposites as Alternatives to Rare-earth Permanent Magnets – ObNAREM

Submission summary

The goal of the ObNAREM project is to make permanent magnets from hetero-nanostructures consolidated from magnetically oxides. The elaborated nanomaterials are dense assemblies of nanocrystallites of ferri and antiferromagnetic oxides of transition metals, quite cheap, initially prepared in a solution, and exhibit a high exchange anisotropy at the interface. The chemical composition and the nanostructure of the nanocomposites before and after consolidation are major adjustment parameters the definition of which will be guided by ab initio modeling and multiscale Monte Carlo calculations, compared to local and global magnetic measurements. These magnets without rare earths should find wide use in the automotive industry for concrete applications for both passenger cars accessories as for performance and efficiency of electrical engines. The use of rare earths in magnets is at the same time a strategic, economical, environmental, and technological problem. This project aims at remediating those issues by bringing together several skills in materials science: nanochemistry, nanopowder metallurgy, magnetism and numerical modeling of confined systems. Sizeable quantities of matter and a prototype electrical engine will be produced in order to characterize in a realistic environment the temperature dependence of the properties of the new magnets, which are expected to exhibit performances close to the ones of present devices, with a better temperature dependence.

Project coordination

Souad AMMAR-MERAH (Laboratoire Interfaces, Traitements, Organisation et Dynamique des Systèmes)

The author of this summary is the project coordinator, who is responsible for the content of this summary. The ANR declines any responsibility as for its contents.


SATIE Laboratoire des Systèmes et Applications des Technologies de l'Information et de l'Energie
SATIE Laboratoire des Systèmes et Applications des Technologies de l'Information et de l'Energie
IMMM UMR CNRS 6283 Institut des Molécules et des Matériaux du Mans
ITODYS - UMR 7086 Laboratoire Interfaces, Traitements, Organisation et Dynamique des Systèmes

Help of the ANR 377,028 euros
Beginning and duration of the scientific project: September 2014 - 36 Months

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